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Custom Mouth Guards in Kepong, Malaysia

Night Guards In Kepong
Mouth Guards In Kepong

Custom Mouth Guard and Night Guard in kepong | Smile Delight

Welcome to Smile Delight Dental, a reputable dental clinic located in kepong, Malaysia. We are pleased to offer custom mouth guard and night guard services to help protect your teeth and promote restful sleep. 

Our experienced team of dentists understands the importance of oral health and the role that mouth guards and night guards play in safeguarding your smile and overall well-being. 

With our personalized approach, state-of-the-art technology, and patient-centered care, we strive to provide you with effective solutions for your dental needs.

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards and Night Guards

At Smile Delight Dental, we believe in providing customized solutions for your dental needs. Our dentists will take precise impressions of your teeth, ensuring a perfect fit for your mouth guard or night guard. 

The custom fabrication process ensures optimal comfort, functionality, and protection. We use high-quality materials that are durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Mouth Guards Pricing and Cost

We understand the importance of transparent pricing and ensuring accessible dental care. The cost of custom mouth guards and night guards may vary depending on the materials used and any additional requirements specific to your case. 

During your consultation, our friendly team will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the cost involved, including any necessary adjustments or follow-up appointments.


Customer Reviews

Lawrence CheongLawrence Cheong
08:51 25 Aug 23
Dr Tee is very good in explaining my situation, knowing I’m afraid of dental, he gave extra care during the treatment.
08:50 25 Aug 23
Very well explained
Chemey AmijaeChemey Amijae
09:38 23 Aug 23
Outstanding rct experience. Dentist is skillful and made the procedure painless. Highly recommended this clinic for everyone.
Redmi 9aRedmi 9a
08:48 12 Aug 23
Very good service and kind People in klinik
Nicholas SheNicholas She
03:32 24 Jul 23
Had my Root canel treatment here. Nice and patience dentist. His explanation very details. Staff also very friendly. Good experince in this clinic.
Justin TaiJustin Tai
05:41 10 Jul 23
Got my teeth scaling treatment here and I must say this is one of the best dental clinic in Kepong! The process was smooth and gentle and the dentist is super friendly.The environment is very welcoming and warm and I'd definitely come back again for my next scaling and other dental needs!
Quratul QuswaQuratul Quswa
05:05 01 Jun 23
Pleasant experience here! Dr and assistant very gentle. Will come back again for sure
Nkopitem DavidNkopitem David
08:47 03 May 23
My kids enjoyed the dental treatment at smile delight dental clinic. They don’t feel afraid at all because the doctor and the staff were friendly.Dr. Lam had done a very good job. She is so detailed when doing filling and no pain at all when scaling. The explanation is very good and she will give us a few options before we decide which treatment suits us.Very impressive and the price is reasonable compared to the rest of the dental clinic in kepong area.Definitely will come back for all dental treatment. Keep up the good work!!! 👍
Mohammad SyahzrilMohammad Syahzril
07:02 02 May 23
First Time had Scaling & Polishing and Fillings at Smile Delight Dental Clinic. Dr Lam and her assistants who attended me is very professional and giving me the best experience. The price is reasonable and environment for this clinic was very clean and comfortable for patients while waiting turn for check up. Will definitely come back again and promote to my Relatives and Friends! 👍👍
Risen YapRisen Yap
12:25 30 Apr 23
I’m truly satisfied with the dental treatment at Smile Delight. Dr Lam was friendly and explained each steps clearly and politely. The process was comfortable and she kept checking if I’m feeling ok. Couldn’t be more thankful and I truly recommend everyone to drop by for your regular check up. Their professional touch makes me more confident to share my smile to everyone. They have done a very good job in counsulting and dental care. Do come and experience it, worth it 👍🏻 Keep up your good work!
Zura AccountZura Account
06:06 20 Apr 23
New clinic and best environment..their service is good and excellent.. price reasonable.. staff & doctor nice & friendly.. currently there have promotion for scalling.. go and grab !!
Aina FaridAina Farid
09:20 16 Apr 23
The facility is very clean and service is excellent. I got a basic scaling and the process went smoothly. The dentist is friendly and easygoing to talk to or ask anything about dental hygiene practices.
Fabian Heng Choon PinFabian Heng Choon Pin
02:29 10 Apr 23
The prices were very reasonable and the staff went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure. The dentist was extremely professional and took the time to explain the treatment plan in detail, which helped ease my anxiety. Overall, I had a great experience and would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for quality dental care at an affordable price.
Mouth Guards In Kepong

Mouth Guard and Night Guard: Why You Need Them

Mouth guards and night guards are custom-fitted oral appliances designed to provide protection and support for your teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures. They offer numerous benefits, including:

Protection During Physical Activities: If you participate in contact sports or engage in recreational activities that pose a risk of dental injuries, a custom mouth guard can help cushion and shield your teeth, reducing the chance of fractures, dislocations, and soft tissue damage.

Bruxism Management: Night guards are an excellent solution for individuals who suffer from bruxism, a condition characterized by teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. By creating a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, a night guard helps alleviate pressure, reduce wear on the teeth, and minimize jaw discomfort.

Improved Sleep Quality: Night guards can also promote better sleep by relaxing the jaw muscles and preventing teeth grinding, which can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause morning headaches and jaw pain.

Questions & Answers About Mouth Guard & Night Guards

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, certain types of retainers, such as clear retainers or Essix retainers, can be used as a nightguard to protect your teeth from teeth grinding or clenching during sleep.

While both retainers and night guards are oral appliances, they serve different purposes. Retainers maintain the position of teeth after orthodontic treatment, while night guards are designed to protect teeth from grinding or clenching during sleep.

Yes, it is generally safe and common to wear mouth guard during sleep, especially once you have completed the initial full-time wearing phase. Following your orthodontist’s guidelines for mouth guard wear is essential to preserve your smile’s alignment.